Lonely Bug
Sony Alpha A290 Kit Lens
S 1/640 F 5.6 ISO 100

Sometimes you just need to be alone. Just you (or maybe you can bring your camera :p)... being a normal person, we need time devoted solely to ourselves.. trust me, when you are  alone, you'll find you are able to process your mind, your thoughts and your soul. Dont ever think of being selfish when you have to tell someone you love or people around you that you are going to be alone just for sometimes.. Taking care of yourself, is just as important as taking care of the ones around you..

Ever feel that way?

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  1. Eny - I dtg ni sbb nak ucapkan thanks sbb dah vote I selalu. Napa u tak join contest tu ye?. Next time join tau... ala sesuka je, wat happy2, menang tak menang belakang kira kan..


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