Let the drooling begin!


Warning: This entry may cause hunger pangs and drooling. ;p

Assalamualaikum.. I thought I would share food pictures that I drool over! :)

I'm on sick leave today... yesss I'm working on Saturday, my off day is on Friday, and  half day every Thursday.... btw since past 5 month I was really busy with my wedding preparation,  I stop cooking for a while  (alasan). I think, the past 5 month was the busiest months ever, me as a bride to be, a daughter who have to take care of my mom, send her for her medical check up appointment, I am the one who personally fetch my lil bro in school,  ... yes after dad passed away, I promised to him that I will take care the rest...

Everyone needs the occasional unscheduled day of leisure, and I need to have my body in good rest... plus I have to do some house chores like redecorate my bedroom, spring cleaning and clear all the wedding stuff  yang berlonggok2 tu :p.. hubby will be coming on 19th... waiting for u dear!

Ok back to the drooling issue, so yesterday Friday was my off day and I manage to cook something for my family. After did some groceries shopping in the morning, we had lunch at Tesco je, then balik rumah I cook nasi goreng sotong for my family dinner... hub? oooohh he is in Perak... working as usual. :) Surviving my PJJ marriage, I have to redha je duduk jauh2 dengan hubby as I dont feel alone without him, I have my family here, thanks God...

So this is what I cook,  nasi goreng sotong with scramble egg, I bet everyone knows how to cook this...

And today is my mom birthday, so its ok to have some sweet treats... yeaaayyy a cake of course!! I baked this Chocolate Pandan Cake (or maybe we should call Pandan Cake With Chocolate coz it taste pandan more than the chocolate hehehe).. heyyy the recipe I got from HERE, I also add a twist in it by adding chocolate emulco into half of the cake batter... hehehe perderhaka resepi orang...

This cake is less sweet and no butter were used (due to the  coconut milk - I used instant coconut milk ;p) and taste soooooooooooooooo goood!!!

And let the drooling begin.....


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  1. I still haven't taken any eggs yet after the surgery till now so tengok teloq tu tak rasa apa2 but the fried rice ada bikin lapar jugaaa..

    ...dan itu kek, oh noo..

    Perut ada bunyi jugaaa..

  2. Nasi goreng sotong tu dah buat I lapar la Eny.. nyum nyum... sedap..

  3. sedapnyeee....tgh lapar ni...huhhuhu..

  4. aisey...
    nasi goreng tu cambest plak tgk..
    leh oder nie:)


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