Recipe : Chef Wan's Chicken Rendang


Hubby is home.. and i was up for the challenge to cook for him something nice. After spent a few hours in the kitchen,lucky this rendang  came out perfectly.. feww.
It's actually not hard to cook for him because he eats everything. He will say that he doesn't and that he won't eat much but serve him something and he'll surely eat it..

The recipe is adapted from the series of Best Wan, AFC Channel. 

Chef Wan's Chicken Rendang
1½ kg / 3 Pounds 4 ½ oz Chicken, cut into 12 pieces
500 ml / 1 ½ fl oz Coconut Milk (Santan Cair)
250 g / 9 oz roasted, pounded desiccated Coconut (Kerisik)
3 Kaffir Lime Leaves (Makrut, Daun Limau Purut)
2 Turmeric Leaves (Daun Kunyit),sliced into thin narrow strips
Salt and sugar to taste

Paste Ingredients: - to be finely grounded

10 Red Chilies, remove seeds
15 dried Chilies(Cili Kering) - softened in hot water, drain
15 Shallots (Red Onion), peeled
3 Garlic cloves peeled
8 Candlenuts (Buah Keras, Kemiri)
8 Lemongrass (Serai), sliced
2 cm / 1 inch Ginger, peeled
3 cm / 1 ½ inch fresh Turmeric (Kunyit), peeled
3 Kaffir Lime Leaves (Makrut, Daun Limau Purut)
10 Bird's Eye Chilies (Cili Padi) – optional


In a wok, add in Oil and stir-fry Paste. Simmer for 2-3 minutes. Cover wok to avoid splatters.
Add in Chicken, Coconut Milk, and Tumeric Leaves, mix well with Gravy.
Boil for 45 minutes, or till Chicken becomes tender and the Gravy thickens. Wait till Oil surfaces.
Add in the roasted, pounded desiccated Coconut (Kerisik) and Kaffir Lime Leaves. Add salt and sugar to taste.
Simmer till gravy thickens. Dish and garnish with finely sliced Turmeric Leaves.

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