Just thought I would share some pictures


Down with fever, flu, cough, throat pain. I seldom get so sick but if once Im sick, I will take quite some time to recover. Lost my voice for couple days.. now recovering alhamdulillah

So I thought I would share some photos I took masa tgh demam.. hehhe

Lets start with this,....


Before masuk guardian store, remind myself hundred times, Don't buy anything that you don't absolutely need.
keluar guardian, tak tau kenapa ter-beli make up Simplysiti tu... mcm nak pakai je haihh!! I am a girl after all. This is vogue edition,  RM79.90... girls go and grab one !!

I personally think that this eye shadow color doesn't suite me... or else I will look like hungover panda :D... anyway let just give it a try...

I love the blusher + shimmer ni... ala esok cuti tak boleh la nak terai... takkan nak pakai ke pasar pagi kot... :p

love the lipstick too.. its vogue! say good bye to pink and pale lip gloss heheh

Girls! i believe we're beautiful inside and out, but it wouldn't hurt to wear some make up... right?

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