Things You Shouldn't Do on Your Big Day :p (kidding)


So we finally got our wedding photos yesterday, and  I thought I would share a few...

So.... what are theThings You Shouldn't Do on Your Big Day????

Climbing in 6 inch high heels
Apa ingat senang ke? hahaha.. pastu heels ada sangkut2 kat celah kayu... owhhh malam tu berurut kaki la jawabnya...

Selfie and Facebooking on your wedding day... haih tak boleh blah.

Would you have your photo taken with a horse in your wedding dress? ngeee!

Playing hide and seek? Dekat pokok getah somemore? Trust me my dress ada bau getah scrap sikit kahkahkah!

Bush walking in your wedding dress  and you collect sticky seeds all over your dress and its not easy to remove besides plucking them one by one  T___T . nasib baju sendiri!

Do not wear hair gel and end up with messy hair :p kidding.. DH u look so damn cute! 

Throw your flower bouquet  to your husband ???? :p

Learn how to hide unused stuffs or just cleaning out  and don't simply throw them on top of your wardrobe....
 hewhewhew :p

Fav photos ever!

Thanks for viewing! :)

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  1. siyes cantik gambo kat pokok getah tuh!!!

  2. nice picture kak..

    neway salam kenal...dari segmen lulu...

  3. muka akak manis la..suka tengok mata cam bersinar2 je..akak baru kawin ke kak? acik nak kwn ngan akak lah..


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