When I peer through the view finder


Darling Husband (DH) recently came into a lot of work and doesn't get home until late at night most days, with only an occasional day or two off and sometimes he forgot to call, or even sms to me.. and I’m here juz sit around pouting and feeling hurt. Really, I just miss him a lot.. :-(
Hurmm…. jiwang..

When kejiwangan loneliness strikes, you’ll find something to do

People say that photography is a lonely hobby. But for me, the moment when I peer through the view finder, it kill my loneliness. Recently I have discovered, there are so many people to share and talk about photography world. I joined a Facebook Group where we share ideas and thoughts about photography. It has really been a wonderful experience for me.

So now I juz throw away my hand phone (just to avoid myself keep calling DH satgi dia pulak tension nampak miscall banyak banyak dah la busy kerja kan)  and get out of house to do some shutter therapy after office hours  and I believe the less I call him the more he will start to miss me and the more likely he is to call me ;p. (it's a proven theory girls ;p hehe) . You'll gain much more respect by being easy going and flexible than you will by being demanding and monopolizing his time. Am I right?

owh btw Do you always take picture of your foods.. like me?
 Dear brain, please start being able to tell the difference between hungry and lonely :p

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  1. hu? lonely hobby??

    mana ada! hahaha *tetibe terasa.

    mungkin ppl perception mcm tu sebab mostly gi buat photoshoot sorang2. kite anggap sahaja mereka tak faham. sebab we do really need time to feel and compose and wait for the right moment and shoot! betul tak? :D


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