Curry Puff and Bokeh


This is gonna be hot and spicy!

Karipap (Curry Puff) is a deep fried pie with potatoes and chicken/meat/prawn cooked with curry powder and water  until slightly moist and tender. My mom's version of Curry Puff is without the curry powder, the fresh cili padi (thai chillies) were added to replace the heat of the curry. It gives the hot and spicy sensation in every bite. 

So a curry puff but without curry powder? I guess we can call this Chilli Puff hehehe :D

The verdict? Taste really really good than the curry version u'olls!

My Mom's Curry Puff  Filling

1 tbs oil
2 cups potatoes - diced
1/4 cup (or less) chilli padi - chopped
1 big onion - chopped
2 tbs adabi sup powder
1/2 cube of chicken stock 
Water, not too much, just enough to cook the potato and chicken
Daun bawang & daun sup - chopped

1. Heat oil in wok, sauté chopped onions until aroma
2. Add in diced chicken and potatoes, mix well. Add in some water.

3. Add in adabi sup powder,  and simmer for 10-15 minutes. season with salt, sugar and chicken stock cube
4. Add in chili padi, daun bawang and daun sup. Cook until potato tender and misture is dry.
5. Dish out to cool.

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  1. Chilli puffs eh? Heheheh! Nampak tulis bokeh terus laju ke mari :D

  2. Tengok karipap pun dah rase cam nak pengsan hahaha...
    My latest Entry :)
    JJCM: Day 11 Ramadhan 1433

    JJCM: Day 10 Ramadhan 1433

  3. Wahhh... macam boleh bayang rasa macam mana...

  4. waduhhh tergoda nengok pic karipap tu.. hehe

  5. Oic....
    Gerenti sedap ni.. Harus akan I cuba. Next time you potong separuh curry puff tu Eny masa nk ambik gambar utk bagi kitorg nampak inti dia yg lain dpd yg lain... :D


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