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I am a horrible cook  but I like to make my DH pleasantly well-fed with what I cook hahah. My DH  likes  and more on kampung foods but he also likes my spaghetti bolognese ni, and refuses to eat at any restaurant except the one that I cook.. bangga nih :D. So he usually request me to cook whenever he found that I am available to cook for him :D.. He also likes the beef / chicken balls in bolognese sauce, or if not sausages will do :). And the sauce must be not too thick, a little bit runny mcm mee kuah pekat tu.. So being a good wife I ikut je lah kan what my DH punya preferable.. all the time he is not a fussy eater :)

He has gone back to Ipoh after spending 4 days here at Kedah. Sempat juga I cook for him nasi bawal (one of the famous dish in Penang). The pomfret fish must be very fresh so you can taste the sweetness of the fish, hence this dish is just simply plain rice, the aromatic crispy deep fried pomfert with spices and sambal kicap to complete the dish.

And I added this scrumptious Udang Goreng Kunyit & Mustard Seeds to go with the Nasi Bawal..

Seeing  his smile after having my air tangan brightens up my day! yes not the DSLR accessories, the wide angle lens that I always dreaming of, the professional camera bag... yes only his SMILE :)

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  1. Terus lapar..walhal baru makan neh!

  2. Yuhuuuu Emma Blogwalking here =)

  3. hhuhu lama dah tak buat spaghetti..

  4. I kalau dtg sini mesti jelous dgn hasil photography you Eny.. dan masakan itu mmg nampak sedap.

    Oh ya, cuba Eny check balik.. video kat blog I tu dah ok tak? Td salah setting.

  5. Sgt menarik.. gambar makanan tuh Eny.. nyummy sungguh.. :)

    Kenyang perut DH yer.. dpt makan hasil air tangan isteri.. :)

  6. aiyoo..sedap ini punya ma...! hahaha..
    follow sini ...jemput ke blog ada kenduri kwen lipas saya :D bhahahahaa

  7. Spudin, kasi blog link... tadi buka profail tak de blog link... tak dpt nak follow.. :)

  8. Presentation pun dah cantik, apatah lagi rasanya, mesti sodap! Yum yum!

  9. spaghetti , gua rinduuu :)

    #hye tuan tanah , jemput singgah blog saya . ada makan makan sikit :D

  10. lots of pictures you have in this blog =)


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