Birding at Clear Water Sanctuary, Batu Gajah.


Happy Merdeka to all readers. With the extra day off, I decided to visit DH and Mom in law in Perak. And the visiting package must includes photography session with DH hahaha.

On Merdeka Day morning, we woke up early and  went to Clear Water Sanctuary Golf Resort which only took us 10 minutes drive from Mom in law's house. We went there for birdwatching and spotted a lot of small colorful birds, and herons. Sprawled in a green sanctuary surrounded by jungles and dotted with pristine lakes, this place is for those seeking relax and a perfect places for birding!

As we reached at the resorts gate, not only the Pak Guard welcoming us  with smile on face, but also with birds singing and birds swooping across the road just in front of our car and both of us getting excited!! :D

 This place is haven for photographer and bird lovers.  As DH is driving along the golf course, I get ready with my DSLR. Birds are everywhere! Blue birds, yellow birds, black, brown and white birds, they are flying from one tree to another tree. Some of them just hopping and playing freely all over the road side. We spotted many Waterhen (Wak Wak) along the road side but they quickly run away to the bush when they see car coming. We spotted some quails crossing the road and it's funny when DH had to do emergency break just because of the quails hahaha. Before we hit and terlenyek the quails, we decided to just park the car and walk :D. And finally managed to spot few birds and of course capture them using my DSLR :D… Waking up early is definitely worth it!!

The Common King Fisher aka Raja Udang

Yellow Bulbul aka Merbah Kuning flitting among some branches.

The Zebra Doves aka Merbuk

This is Oriental Magpie Robin aka Murai

The Grey Heron aka Burung Pucung Seriap or Bangau Kelabu

Managed to get Heron in flight with its catch, not a good shot, but really impressive for me!

As we walk closer to the lake, we can´t help but gasp in excitement at the sight of hundreds of heron on trees.We see lots of herons with different kind of species and colors. White Heron, Purple Heron, Grey Heron perched on trees surrounding the lake area. 

I enjoy the birding with DH, especially DH knows mostly all the bird names, while my interest was only to get the best photo of the birds. Hehehe..

If you want to come here, Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort is located at Lot 6019, Jalan Changkat Larang, 31000 Batu Gajah, Perak. Take the North-South Expressway and exit at Simpang Pulai. Follow signboards to Clearwater Sanctuary, 15 minutes´ drive from the Simpang Pulai interchange.

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  1. deymmmmm ohsem!

    never go out for birding yet. tunggu beli lens panjang sikit dan tripod yang kukuh sikit. ;D

  2. Sukaaa! Especially gambar last burung penuh atas pokok tu!


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