One must be big enough to admit mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.

Four difficult words to be spoken: "I made a mistake."
Until mistakes are admitted, - corrections will not be made.
When mistakes are admitted, - corrections can be made.
After mistakes are admitted, - corrections need to be made.

I always make mistakes in my life, but I never regrets anything. Of course I would feel bad but once I learn from the mistakes, I would feel truly blessed. Thanks God for the mistake, at least I got to know something I didn't know before. I guess that is the good side of mistakes.

The bad side is when I keep doing the same mistakes. Yes I had enough,  but in strange twist, I tend to repeat my mistakes.

I seem to always choose the wrong friends. Something happening at first and we end our friendship badly.  I let them hurt me. I have been cheated on and being hurt many many times. God its hurts so bad. I feel so empty inside.

My  friendships issue seem riddled with deep rooted feelings of animosity and downright dislike. Probably they just dont like me the way I am but only want to use me and there is no sincerity at all. Like a time bomb waiting to explode. With this particular friend I attempted to have some time apart hoping that the distance would help me to get over my negative feelings.I been through so many manipulators, no matter how much I put myself out on the line for them, they ditched me, or insults me.

I was at the point where I don't even want to be with people, so tired of being made fun of. Is it possible that I just need to accept that a sincere friendship simply isn't possible? 

DH always said : They weren't worth your time in the first place. You can always have associates, but just don't allow them so close to you that they are able to hurt you in that way. DH was right! Thanks & I love you so much.

 When I mengadu to him, 
"DH, someone just call me beruang la, nak gelak ke nak marah ni"
Then he said,
 "eh all the time you call me Mr Gummi Bear thats becoz i'm sweet & cute like a bear rite?"
 and me
 "ya lah hahahaha"

Thanks also to my friends, Baby & Thoyyib, both of you really great and love you all too. Thanks also to my lovely sister Bell who always be supportive!

What I hope is that my mistakes can offer me  chances to learn and grow, and in these failures, I will find wisdom for reaching my goal, be it weightloss, continue my dream to study in photography or something else. After all, as James Joyce once wrote, “A man's errors are his portals of discovery.” 

What can you start learning from your mistakes? Share with me k ;)

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  1. I've been hurt in friendship before too, dik but then I have also been accused of hurting friends (of course I had no intention of hurting them) so I guess that's life.

    We get hurt, we hurt people, but like you said, it should be experiences that we benefit from. Once we know it's wrong, learn from it & don't do it again.

  2. Nice captured.. Cantik sangat pict tu...

  3. marilahh follow sy.. kongsi2 cerita menarik..:)http://akupaie.blogspot.com/

  4. yang, be positive and react positive towards all negativity. not only u'll feel great but u will also indirectly shame those who supposed to be shamed on themselves.


    study in photography? seriously i minat. time constraint tapi, but kat mana eh nak amik? :D


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