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I love taking pictures of flowers. Recently I've joined a group on Facebook mainly discuss about Flowers Photography and has inspired me to take more flower shots!

Tips that I read  HERE and maybe some of you could learn to practice on how to get creative and nice flower shot.
Saya pun baru belajar, kita belajar sama sama k :D

Select a background that is not too busy so the flowers will stand out. Select a dark background for white flowers and set the exposure compensation to a negative value. Using a negative value makes the background even darker so you can emphasize the flowers in the picture even more. Even when you cannot choose the background, if there is light shining on the flowers, use the shadowed areas as a background and adjust the exposure compensation towards the [ - ]. As a rule of thumb, compensate towards [+] to take pictures of flowers in lighter tones like white or yellow; compensate towards [-] for blue, violet or more darkly-colored flowers.

There are some cases where you can get a better picture by not shooting a whole group of flowers , but by taking a closer shot of individual flowers themselves. Using the macro mode will allow you to do this. Need to get even closer? Try using the super macro mode. In super macro mode the picture is taken at a full wide angle and you cannot use the zoom. This allows you to shoot not only the magnified flower but also a wide background. With this mode you can also compose a more scenic picture by positioning the enlarged flower at the front with even more flowers in the background. Take note that when using macro photography you must be careful since blurring of the image is more likely to occur.

To create a photo where a flower is in perfect focus against a blurred background, use the zoom to get closer to the subject and farther from the background. When you zoom in to enlarge the subject, it is more likely that the background will be blurred. It is also important to move closer to the subject, while at the same time keeping some distance between subject and background. Using these three techniques, you can create great pictures with the background beautifully out of focus.
These techniques work because every lens has a specific characteristic called depth of field. That is the area in front of and behind the subject that, when the subject is in focus, will also appear in focus. When the zoom is used to enlarge the subject, the depth of field becomes shallower, making it more likely that the background will be blurred. Try to increase the distance between the subject and background as much as possible to achieve this effect. You can also try combining these techniques with your camera’s macro mode

Adjust the AF Mode
When taking pictures of flower fields in full bloom, sometimes you cannot get the camera to focus exactly on the point you want. Most cameras have several auto focus (AF) modes. You will find it easier to focus exactly where you want by learning to use these different modes for different purposes. Try changing the AF MODE during macro photography or when trying to bring out a specific subject or flower.

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  1. cantik pic! really nice. thanks sebab share those tips..:-)

  2. memang bestkan amek gambo bunga. Agaknya kena ngan naluri org ompuan kot ek sbb org lelaki tak ske! Hehe.. nice tips & tambah lagi satu tips: Nak lg cun, spray sket kat bunga2 ngan air sebelum shoot!
    My latest Entry :)
    JJCM: Kenny Roger's Roasters

  3. cantiknya bunga-bunga nie kan...begitulah indahnya ciptaan Allah pada hamba-Nya yang tahu menghargai-Nya kan....

    pls: saya dah jawap pertanyaan anda k..

  4. salam awak..
    kite datang melawat nih...

    cantek gambar bunga awak...

  5. siyes cantik! u've done a very good job u know!!

  6. Cantek semua gambaq2 tu. Thank you for the tips :)


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