Sometimes ridiculous things do happen


Yesterday foods, just to share :) The sandwich is typical sardine sandwich, but I added shredded carrots, lots of onions and cucumber, lime juice ohh heaven!!

Black pepper stir fry beef, heaven too!!

Today, down with fever, flu and cough, managed to go to office for 3 hours, and i cant stand to breath in aircond, so terus ke clinic ad got 3 days MC! Doc said, teruk demam you ni.. hahahah

Actually I've just been told something i didn't know before  (not gonna go into detail). Bangun this morning I felt physically sick! selalu macam ni.. Why do I feel sick after being told shocking news? kelakar pulak kan hehehe

P/s : just got myself flu vaccine shot last week, suppose to get fever in 6 months from now... thats why rasa mcm kelakar :D. Apa pun sakit demam tu kan dari Allah swt... siapa kita nak menafikan kuasa Nya..

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  1. dah baik ke yang? get well soon ok. sebab terus 3 hari mc tuh!

  2. Moga Eny cepat sembuh dan moga terus ceria.
    Lapar plak la tengok daging black pepper tu.. cantik, warna warni.


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