Fried Rice for Dinner


Are you looking for the quickest dish possible to whip up for dinner so you can enjoy your Masterchef show on tv? Hehehehe. Egg fried rice is the answer. Who said fried rice isn’t a healthy dish? It doesn’t need to be greasy, you can use few tablespoons of healthy oil like olive oil, butter or probably some drizzle of sesame oil for taste. You can still add veggies or any protein you like, and to add some “kicking power” in it and raise body metabolism by 50percent, try CILI PADI! ;)

The best part of cooking fried rice is that you can uses up leftovers. The second best part is, husband can make it himself hahaha, and the third best part is, you can actually eat in front of your TV while enjoying your Masterchef episode.. Makan dalam mangkuk tak payah nak hidang bagai hehehe..

Easy! Sapa yang tak tau masak sila terjun parit! Hehehe

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  1. Eny - Nak lagi easy, beli rempah siap Adabi.. hehe.

  2. agreed! one dish complete with all nutrients that we need...boleh guna egg, boleh guna ikan..boleh letak vege..boleh tambah whatever we like to add....:-)


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