It's last week of Ramadhan


Time flies so fast. It's last week of Ramadhan. I'm sure by now everyone is getting busy doing raya preparation.

Oh btw, pls ignore the above pic, this entry isn't related to him. He's just too charming, and I'm just being nice to put his photo here :p

As usual, we always practise moderation in celebrating raya. There will be no new furniture and table full of different foods. As Islam preaches moderation and simplicity, we prefer moderation in our raya.  We  must always remember the less fortunate ones. At least we have family. There might be somebody out there,  has to celebrate raya without family, some has to work during raya, and some has to celebrate in hunger and pain. Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah we have everything and most important that we are surrounded by people that we love and care for us.

During the day, as usual  ketupat and rendang and homemade cookies for our breakfast. After Hari Raya prayer,  we just sitting at home and eating (again) together, having great conversation, laughing and praying together and then the next day life goes on as usual.  We prefer to celebrate the whole month of Ramadan, than to celebrate the whole month of Syawal. Of course we enjoy to entertain friends and family that come to our house, but we dont do open house, or raya visiting. So when they come, we cook something special just to appreciate them.

I think the right way to meet all family members is to just gather at one place like our kampung, where everyone just balik kampung and we meet everyone there. Then we gotong royong to prepare raya dish, enjoy dinner together and chatting to each other. That will do rather than you visit each and every houses and the fact that you only spent less than half an hour at their house because you need to rush to visit other houses.

 Most of the things we do for Raya is culture base. As when you go through the raya-what-to-buy-things-list, the list is endless. It's totally illogical as what important is not the new furnitures,  new clothes, or how many type of food do you have to serve but the spirit of raya itself, to celebrate the successful of our ibadah during Ramadhan, in fact it's like a farewell to the holy month of Ramadhan.

 This coming raya will be the 2nd years of raya without Dad. I still remember, our first raya without him, we couldn't muster any enthusiasm to celebrate it.  There were tears and heartbreak, but it also filled with unity and hope, drawing us even closer to him.

And i know, again this year, it's going to be tough for me, but I'm not alone. I'm not going to be the only person that loved and misses him.

Its too early i guess too wish selamat hari raya, save the best for last orang putih kata.. :)

Till next entry bye & salam :)

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  1. Betoi kata omputeh tu, kita tunggu hingga ke saat akhir untuk mengucapkan selamat hari raya, baru best, walaupun mungkin takda orang baca nanti, kahkahkah! Sabor jalah.

    Arwah bapak akak dah 18 tahun pergi meninggalkan kami but he's never far, still right here in our hearts :)

  2. eerrr...samseng nyer muker kucen tu..siap ade taik lalat bawah mulut..heheh..

  3. sebenarnya , walaupun saya x baca isi artikel ini...sebenarnya saya suka pada gambar2 yg dipaparkan....terutama gambar kucing tu...

    Dikesempatan ini saya mohon ampun dan maaf andai saya ada salah silap sepanjang kita berblog...k

    pls : pape nanti komen saya kat sini ...

  4. Dik Eny, akak ucapkan salam Aidilfitri & maaf zahir batin na. Selamat bercuti!

  5. Eid Mubarak to you Eny..
    I pun ingin bersyukur sbb Allah kurniakan "lelaki lain" a.k.a suami kita pula untuk menjaga kita after ayah kita pergi. Kesian mereka di luar sana yg yatim piatu sebatang kara kan..


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