Bokeh, Sexy Model and Flash


Another shutter treat during Merdeka Day off.
Intan my friend from Ipoh willing to be my model for the day. This photo shoot was held at one of the bridge at Ipoh, which I can’t recall its name. Haihh! :D

I love the street lights as background. Its add  glamour feel to my image.

To be honest, I hate using flash!

Flash is not my favourite of lighting as it can leave the subject whitewashed, and harsh shadows. But when shooting at night, flash is unavoidable.When shooting in low light with a flash in auto mode your camera will choose a relatively fast shutter speed. This means that your subject will be well lit and that if it is moving it will be frozen and as a result will be sharp. The problem with this is that it can also leave your subject lit up too brightly and can leave it’s background looking very dark as there is not enough time for the camera to collect any ambient light.

For better flash photography at night, you can use slow shutter speed which capture the ambient light in the scene and this even out the lighting in the entire image. The flash also froze the subject, so you dont have to worry about camera shake.

Please excuse some of the sexy poses :P

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  1. I hate using flash too. Kalau boleh elak, memang la tak mau. Nasib baik la ada kawan yg sudi jadi model kan.

    Cantik la bokeh lampu tu, I like!

  2. kite baru belajar trick how to take good photos with flash. baru prektis2 to make perfect nih, huhuhu~


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