4 days of awesomeness!


I have spent 4 days at my DH kampung. My DH is from Kg Piandang, Siputeh Perak. It has been a truly wonderful experience spending time there at my mother in law house.  

Siputeh, the most remote place I have ever been, located in between Bemban and Parit. A very small place nearby Batu Gajah and Sri Iskandar town. However it’s not that too remote lah as Tesco Sri Iskandar is only 25 minutes away from house :-)

I always have this feeling, verangan going back to kampung with big luggage, mandi air sojuk, wake up hearing the birds singing high above in the pokok rambutan, see them flying from tree to tree, not knowing where they're going.  Filling my lungs with fresh air and attempting to have the dirtiest feet on the ground…. You know like a true kampung girl.. :D  Its really helps me empty out the clutter from my mind.

Being a kampung girl myself, years after I left my kampung and moved my family to City, there is nothing left at my kampung, except our old house. Indeed I miss the feeling of balik kampung.
Lucky DH also is a kampung boy :p so now I can tumpang his kampung, hihihiii

Just wanna share some of the photos taken at my mother inlaw courtyard…
Photos taken using Sony A290 18-55mm kitlens. 
Cross process filter applied

Little sunflower :-)

The pink Lantana (or in malay, bunga tahi ayam berwarna pink?)

Kalau di kampung, lumut ni pun nampak cantik di mata :-)

Seroja or kemboja... confuse :-P

 Belimbing asam...

Bunga Kantan

This is buah putat...

Bunga putat...

 Close up..

Heliconia (Sepit Udang) and bokeh. The rambutan tree is a perfect background to get good bokeh!

When was the last time I eat Ikan bakar ? (the real ikan bakar grilled to perfection using arang kayu rambutan and sabut kelapa, not the pan grilled fish).. hurm... I think 7-8 years ago…
Cross process filter applied
Look at the sexy ikan cencaru terbelah di belakang and the scrumptious sambal kelapa (spicy coconut filing)...

And this is how we spend time together :-)
Cross process filter applied

Cross process filter applied

Menggoreng guitar lah apa lagi :-P
Cross process filter applied
Jason Mraz wanna be :-) singing I'm yours 
Cross process filter applied

Cross process filter applied

The guitar is belong to someone named EDI hehehehe
Cross process filter applied
I guess so far, this is my real vacation, low budget, less hassle and super duper yummy home cook by mother inlaw! aaahhh HEAVEN! :-)

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  1. Looks like heaven being able to spend time with your loved ones..heaven..

    Cantik la bokehhhh! I SUPER DUPER LIKE!

  2. Wallahhhhh..nice...marvellous...awesome is best to be described for all those pics.....keep it up Eny....i wonder some could even say that u played trick by saying it was.a kit lense....but...anythingis possible ....the photographer's creativity plahs the major role....

  3. what a very nice and beautiful pictures! this is so peaceful stay. :)

  4. bunga kantan!!!
    sayang pula nak guna buat kuah laksa..

  5. Wow..seriously superb!!
    My future hubby pun part time photographer..
    but stil armature..hehe!


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