My last 20s birthday.


Hi peeps.. today is my 29th birthday.. ahh! cant imagine i'm like so close to 30s. My wish for this year is to be a good wifey, and a mommy hehehehe insyallah.. (if happen sure my next year birthday wish will be a super mom!)

As i mentioned in my previous entry, I have bought something for myself as a birthday present :).

I am struggling to buy a decent telephoto zoom lens as well as macro lens but due to budget constraints I am unable to shortlist any. 

As much as i would love to buy the Sony G lens, it's a bit over priced for me but after doing research on the internet, i was pretty sure that Tamron AF 70-300mm LD Di Macro is the one i'm looking for. This lens give me the complete range, having a decent zoom and macro capability. Currently this lens is one of the most affordable and versatile lenses in its range.

Pic source google

For the Alpha Mount it offers full frame coverage, a 1:2 macro feature, 9 aperture blades, Limited Dispersion Elements (LD) to control aberrations, elements coated for digital optics . Lucky for alpha, the inside STEADY SHOT (Sony Alpha terms for Image Stabilization (IS) and Vibration Reduction (VR)  really helps! i am not sure how this lens perform with Nikon Or Canon as this lens doesn't have VR or IS.

I can conclude this lens provides a good range, decent reach, and surprisingly good performance for the money. I think it's worthy of serious consideration as a first DSLR telephoto lens for someone starting out with a modest budget.

Image sample below were all taken with the Sony A290, and Tamron AF 70-300mm LD Di Macro lens.

Cake????? no cake as hubby is outstation so tak nak la tiup lilin sesorang :p

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  1. Happy birthday kak Eny! :)

  2. assalamualaikum eny...hepi besday ye...:)

  3. Wah!. Bestnya present!!
    Happy birthday Eny... Muda lagi tu!
    Teruskan keceriaanmu dan hobi2mu...


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