Recipe : Everyday Chocolate Cake


I adore Chocolate cake, but scrumptious one can be too high in calories.  Talking about baking a good cake requires the sufficient quantities of butter, flour, sugar and eggs. I've been looking around for healthy, easy-to-fix recipes for Chocolate Cake so that we can stay away from high-calorie . I'm not obsessed with healthy food, its just because I adore Chocolate Cake so much.

I dont like cake that is a lot denser and heavier.. I prefer a cake that is light and more airy.

I was so happy to found this recipe of chocolate cake with less butter and only 1 egg were used.. The sugar content still too sweet for me, next time I 'll try to reduce the amount of sugar.  This is a cake that you can have without much guilt and without much fuss!

It was delicious. I'm not kidding around. It was moist but not heavy, almost mouss.  Again, it tasted good. . It has less calories when compared to most other chocolate cakes and for the same reason,it can be your everyday cake.  Now I can eat chocolate cake everyday. I would have made this a thousand times! ;P

The recipe adapted from Smittenkitchen (Original Recipe). I have adjusted a bit due to I prefer the intense taste of dark cocoa! :)

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  1. bila tgk gambar kek tu teringat dah lama tak buat kek coklat, anak pun dah request

  2. Nampak klasik la gambar yg u hasilkan ni Eny. Cantik!! Selalu nampak kat blog Mat Saleh je yg buat style2 gini.

    Kek Coklat?. I suka. Tgh mengumpul kekuatan nak buat cheese batik lepas balik dr rumah MIL ni. Itu pun kalau rajin.

  3. makan pun makan jugak tapi bahan yang digunakan tetap diambil berat kan kak? hehe

  4. terliur melihat kek coklat nie..gambar pun cantik sangat2...

    alamak ada tester cake lagi tu..kita selalu test guna lidi je ambik terus dr pokok hehehe


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