Time flies so fast when your having fun


Hello peeps.. life getting busy and fast, all i can say sedar sedar je dah malam, tau tau je dah weekend, tiba tiba eh got pay check, end of the month already? When I look at the calender, waaa nearly half of the year.. its just seem  like yesterday i was celebrating the new year countdown.  Its just seem like yesterday i've got year end bonus, another 6 months to work work and work to aim more bonus end of this year yeayy. Alhamdullillah, the journey so far, dengan izin Nya I survived, the marriage, family, works and everything.... thanks Allah. Time flies so fast when you having fun but so slow when you damn bored  am i rite? :)  nothing feels better when u know there is a person you love is next to u..

In a few days time, I'll be celebrating my 29th birthday. yeayy!

I already bought my self something, but still waiting the final item to be deliver maybe this Saturday..
Clue : yes thing related to DSLR hewhewhew

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  1. kadang2 macam tak terasa pun masa yang berlalu...


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