Macro Outing


A couple days ago, I joined macro shooting outing conducted by Jitra Funky Shooter. This outing is to share bits of knowledge of macro photography. The location is near Bukit Wang, used to be a good macro site with variety of subjects but it didn’t seem to be the case on that day. There was a drizzle rain just before we start shooting...

Armed with my new gear I have bought last week and I was ready to conquer the world of macro, But tu lah orang kata, belajar belajar never stop learning, (or at least read the manual that comes in the box heheheh)
I always lazy to read the manual, I prefer trial and error, and only if the device isn't working exactly like what I've expected, then only I will read the manual.

Ended up yang menjadi cuma photos abg abg handsome ni.. they are all my Gurus!

While I still figure out on how to use my new Tamron lens in macro shooting, I still got some pretty shots but I'm still not all that happy with the outcome as a whole.

have a nice day peeps!

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  1. wahhhh .. pengalaman lagiiii :D

  2. Cantik!. I dah lama tak jumpa serangga2 tu, balik kg pun dah tak pernah jumpa lg.

    Yup!. I pun orangnya sgt malas nak baca manual dan lagipun dah baca2 tp tak phm.. :'(

  3. Cantek okeh! Akak plak selalu tengok gambar orang nampak cantek ja tapi tengok gambar yg sendiri snap rasa..aiseh..napa gitu eh..


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