1 dollar issue


This morning, I dont have time to breakkie at home. Its been long time I dont eat nasi lemak, so I thought  today is the day!.. was really hungry when I reached office. The nasi lemak stall is within walking distance from office, so after parked my car, I checked my wallet and all I have is 100 note and I was like.. urghhhh gosh how to buy nasi lemak sure kena curse and swear if I hulur 100 note just to buy a dollar nasi lemak...  For the first time, I feel that I don't have enough money for food.. 

I wonder how,  those who are struggle so much to make sure the bread is always on the table? How they deal with it every single day...
Insaf... and alhamdulillah.. 

Like our fellow, he just buat muka kesian and his tray will be full refilled :).. Lucky Boboi!

happy working peeps!

P/s : Finally I managed to find 50 cents in my car coins tray, another 50 cents in my office drawer.. REZEKI for nasi lemak :)

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  1. This reminds me of the time when I had to desperately korek2 in my car to find 10 sen sebab tak cukup nak beli tiket bas ekspres satu masa dulu! Ohhh, I know how it feels..bila jumpa duit sekupang tu, rasa dunia ni penuh dengan pelangi ja, kahkah!

  2. mujurlah nasi lemak masih seringgit. ada tempat nasi lemak kosong pun rm1.20. nangis!

  3. Tetiba I teringat masa terlupa bawak handphone dan terpaksa turun tangga naik tangga utk tukarkan syiling semata2 nak guna public phone.

  4. yee .. rezeki akak untuk makan nasi lemak tu :)


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