Wild Grass Flower : Analogy of life


I have always been drawn to this small flowers in my backyard. This is just ordinary wild grass flowers that  grow anywhere, and is often referred to as a weed. 

We are like little wild flowers, we scattered everywhere, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day in a such big field we call our world, we growing and giving glory to our creators. We blooming where God had planted us. We are stronger than we look. Like wild flowers we are very hardy and can survive through anything.

This is the beauty of macro photography where we really appreciate the smaller things in life and see them in a whole new different perspective.


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  1. nice pics! saya pun suke perhati bunga-bunga rumput (weeds) ni, sebab cantik cantik...! tapi selalunya org tak perasan pun kan. buat pijak2 aje..

  2. I suka bunga ni.. ada sepasu kat rumah.. klu org lain mungkin anggap ianya rumput, tp I lagi nak tanam, sbb cantik, mengimbau nostalgia silam, kecik2 dulu panggil dia ni "bunga hantu" sbb dah la putih, terbang2 plak tu.. :D


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