Malaysia Popsicle!


While still dealing with my grief over the failed macaron,  I think I should avoid myself from flour, eggs and oven and find something fun and easy to do around my mom's kitchen. :p

The days have been warm and beautiful. So, what better way to celebrate the days  than with a variety of fresh fruit juice popsicles! Malaysia way!

Malaysia Popsicle or Ais Krim Malaysia is very popular during my childhood. Back then, the ice cream sold for twenty cents each. We have choices of milo, bandung, sirap, and jagung.  There are a lot of great ice creams out there like Paddle Pop (the rainbow ice cream is the most popular), Cornetto, and Ais Potong (Ice Cream in block shaped, cut into cubes and scoop on crispy waffle cone) ,but nothing the same like Ice Cream Malaysia. 

These popsicles are made with juice in carton. Next time I'll try make one from purely and solely home made fruit juice - no added sugar or other sweeteners the way I prefer my popsicles.You can use fruits / juice / milk/ chocolate milk/ coffee maybe?  whatever you have on hand or experiment with different combinations. For these popsicles I settled on Mango, Blackcurrant-Aloevera and Strawberry Yougurt!

And for good reason: Popsicles are very versatile. Because they are a great way to use up fruit, they can be a low-calorie and healthy treat for kids. 

The inspiration comes from 1001 Resepi. :)

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  1. Aiskrim Malaysia! Masa akak sekolah rendah dulu kalau perisa biasa2 harga sekupang, kalau yg sepesel macam milo+susu atau bandung harga 2 kupang.

  2. Kat cameron diorang jual strawberry aiskrim Malaysia mahal kan diorang kata.. I pernah buat sekali, mmg sedap.

  3. Salam Ukhwag Eny... :) tq sudi add akak ya.. dah add sini dan link kan ke blogs akak.. wahh bestnya ice cream Malaysia tu.. lama dah tak makan..:))

  4. tiap kali masuk blog ni, even dah lepas dah kenyang makan nasik pon boleh pulak air liur ni nak merembes kuor. huhuhu!

  5. dulu2 ice cream ni 10sen sebatang kan? ihiks

  6. sy masih makan ice cream ni. jiran ada jual. 20 sen sebatang. sedap woo

  7. perghhh mmg klasik.. dulu2. penuh peti ais dgn aiskrim ni hehe


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