Failed Macaron!


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I've made a batch of macarons last Friday. And I failed. And I made again for another batch, again I failed miserably. None of them bearing anything resembling a macaron.
 I still have plenty of almond flour and it’s enough to make about 3-4 batches of macarons, but mom said, enough you’re just messing up my kitchen! .

Every time I make cookies (are they really called cookies?) they didn't turn out well. I hope I haven't just jinxed it for myself  ! Pfttt!

Not that I messed up my mom's kitchen, I wasted the so expensive almond flour, the eggs, sugar, and the electric bill. I still have a medium sized tupperware of cheese butter cream which I think it would be a perfect for macaron filling.

My macarons they really do spread out, they just dont dry! Tu belum cakap bab kaki (ruffle on the edges), ada kaki tak? kering pun belum! I waited enough for about 4-5 hours, but it didn’t dry and still tacky when I touched them.

I wonder did I miss any of crucial steps in macaron step-by-step provided by macaron expert on their website. I even read macaron troubleshooting for a dummy. Still I failed! 

I dont feel like baking anymore to cure my friday sweet tooth! ( should be good? rite?) :p
DH said, sayang perhaps what u need is a pro guidance. You needed to pay someone to tell you what you were doing wrong. (hmm... kalau nak jual macaron tu baru lah kot masuk baking class)

Anyway.... I feel so much better now, as I finally got Fifty Shades trilogy in pdf. copy hahahahah (evil grin).
Thanks to a friend of mine who shared the copy with me. I'm on Chapter 11 (part 1 Fifty Shades of Grey) now, which i struggled so much to handle the erotic scene on Chapter 7 to Chapter 10 hahahahah!! This will be in my head for a little while. Baca sampai sakit mata kat Tab (and sometime phone hahaha really cant stop reading this book). I think not just me,  millions of women been seduced by Fifty Shades of Grey!

Ooh...we talk about macaron rite? :p I’m sure, one day I’ll be able to make one perfect macaron at least in a perfect round-shaped and not runny and soupy macaron!  Tapi entah bila :p

Have a nice weekend and looking forward for Chapter 12 to see you next week!


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  1. at first maybe we fail... try again then you can make a batch of nice macaron...


  2. Adakah kerana :-
    1). Terjatuh sedikit telur kuning ke atasnya?
    2). Bekas2 tidak kering dgn sempurna?

    Eny, I pun dah lama tak buat macaroon sejak Delifrance ada jual ni.

    Don't give up dear.. try again next time..


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