Mini Cheese Tart


 I love cheese tart, I love the creamy filling that goes so perfectly with the crust, I love the taste, I love the smell. Simply divine! They tasted good and unfortunately, I cannot eat many as they are simply too rich!

And I would love to share the recipe and the easy steps to make this sinful tart..

Chocolate Vanilla Cheese Tart

Ingredients :
170g butter
50g fine granulated sugar
1 egg
290g plain flour
 ½ tsp good quality vanilla essence

250g cream cheese
50g fine granulated sugar
1 egg
1 vanilla bean / 1 tsp good quality vanilla essence
Ready made chocolate filling (available in all bakery stores) - can substitude with Nutella / Chocolate Peanut Butter / Jam


Cream butter, sugar and vanilla essence.

Add in egg. Continue creaming for 1-2 minutes.
Fold in the flour and mix.

Wrap pastry with plastic and leave in fridge for ½ hour.

Roll to small balls shape and  press in a tart mould.

Using a fork, prick some holes on the base of the pastry. Bake at 180°C for 15-20 minutes. Let the tart shell cool.

Beat cream cheese and sugar together till light, add in egg and beat till well mixed. 
Set aside about 1 tbs cheese mixture and add in chocolate emulco. Stir well.
Pipe chocolate filling into tart shells and pipe cream cheese mixture on it and cover the chocolate filling.

Dip the tip of a chopstick into chocolate paste cheese mixture and draw some patterns on the top of the cheese.
Bake at 180°C for 10 minutes.


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  1. ary suka makan^^
    Nanti nak try sndiri lah^^

  2. Fulamak! Lembut lutut merenungnya, lembut lutut!

    Tapi memandangkan zaman baking akak dah berlalu, ku pi cari kat kedai jalah, heheh!

  3. Thanks for comments ye Ary & Kak Dinas.. Tart ni mmg sedap tapi nak buat agak renyah dan ambil masa lama.. kalau order kat kedai senang je hehehe..

  4. wahhhh sodapnyerrr.. tapaukan utk mak dara sikit hehehe

  5. seb bek belum bulan pose lagi. hahahaa!!!

  6. Cantiknya acuan cheese tart you Eny.. berlekuk2 hasil dia.

  7. Hi, can you show a picture of your tart moulds? Where did you get them and how much were they?


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