When You Miss Someone...


What to do when you miss someone so much? You spend all day trying not to think about it.. about what his breath feels like on the back of your neck while you’re sleeping, about how his eyes wrinkle when they laugh, about how his hands were sore from holding yours for so long.. You busy yourself to forget, at least for now because the remembering is hurts. You write. You cook. You travel. You laugh even when you don’t feel like laughing. you fall asleep holding pillows and learn to catches in his voice - the ones that tell you he really cares, he loves you, he misses you - because you can’t always see his eyes when you talk. You learn to trust him. More than anything, you remember that he’s worth it -, worth the handwritten letters and cards, e-mail, sms... worth the waiting ‘til next time.

And nothing tastes quite right when you are not around.

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  1. breathtaking. all photos and entry. :D

  2. I still remember what that's like, missing someone.

    Macam biasa, semua gambaq adalah cantik, girlfriend. My favourite is the first one. Dah lama tak tengok bunga tu, I miss it.

  3. Org kata kalau kita rindukan seseorang.. bermakna org itu juga rindukan kita.. entah la.. betul ke tak Eny ye?. Tapi kalau hubby outstation mmg I rindukan dia siang malam..hehe.


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