Nasi Ayam Percik & Panna Cotta for iftar


Obviously not typical chicken rice like we always eat...

 The inspiration comes from The Chicken Rice Shop radio ad – they keep saying.. The ayam percik Kelantan over and over again hehehe

Ayam Percik is the Malaysian-styled barbequed chicken. Percik is directly translated as 'splash'  due to as we barbeque the chicken, we splash or basting more marinade gravy onto the chicken to thicken the flavour and keep the chicken moist and juicy. The more splashes the more it capture all the herbs that's blended and combined with the meat.

Blend finely percik marinade ingredient with water until it forms a thick paste. Add sugar and salt. I prefer my chicken to be a bit sweet.

Combine the marinade with chicken and set aside for 2 hours
Using a frying pan, heat the chicken and the marinade ingredients. Add in coconut milk and  simmer over medium fire for 20 minutes - until the chicken half cooked and the gravy thicken.
Barbecue the chicken over a low charcoal fire or under a grill, basting frequently with the gravy, until the chicken is cooked.

For full recipe credit to kak Ana from HERE

You can grill the chicken in oven, but I prefer to use my BBQ griller and yes using charcoals – trust me it wasn't easy to ignite a charcoal fire.  It took me about an hour to get the coal to catchfire. We even tried petrol that caused  a small accident, but nothing can stop us from enjoying the real ayam percik grilled on carchoal. It's worth the effort as the chicken has turned out really good, absolutely tender and so flavourful juicy, and the unmistakable aroma of grilled chicken filled the air. The gravy was delicious to be mopped up with rice.

Served it over rice that has been cooked with  coconut milk, chicken stock (cube), lots of ginger and few pandan leaves.

As for the dessert we settle on Rich Chocolate Panna Cotta which the recipe I created myself and it has turned out really good!. Quick and easy to make, full of chocolate-milk goodness. :p
Sorry no recipe as I cant remember the water and jelly ratio in the recipe.. dah jadi macam mom, masak agak agak ;p

Enjoy your working day tomorrow and have a great week ahead!

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  1. Sedapnya Enyy..
    I tak pernah terfikir nak buat ayam percik walaupun itu fav my kids...sbb I tau I mesti akan fail bila hidupkan arang. Tapi azam utk membeli bbq set mcm u tu mmg sentiasa membara.


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