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My first attempt at photography, I have spent bulk of  money on devices, accessories, blah blah.. It was only later that I realised,  I seldom used all those devices. Like the CPL (Circular Polarizing Filter) lens filter, I thought I'd get a very  nice saturate blue sky photo , but once I understand the formula,  all you got to do is to consider the exposure setting.

After all, involving in DSLR , what you have to know, its not difficult to learn but its time consuming and expensive and not everyone could affort DSLR. You also have to consider how comfortable you are with the  camera and the time needed to become familiar with all of manual setting. That is why sometime photography was always refer to hobby that only rich people or photo obsessive could afford to.

I travel a lot and it's hard for me to bring my DSLR around, my bag packed with stuffs like Notebook, Tab, and sometimes color printer kekekekek :p. No space left for my DSLR with the zoom lens, the tripod and accessories. i really hates carry them around in separate luggage. Black nylon case just really doesn’t do it for me, so I end up throwing it into whatever bag I’m carrying, which really isn’t great for the camera. Besides, for safety reason too especially when travel alone, I sometimes feel as though I am wearing a big diamond  around my neck that all thieves are eyeballing.

You rather to hold your pee than to leave DSLR in car.  Talking from experience of course!

Reasons why Instagram is a better optionA beautiful way to share your world!
Instagram has a set of 15 retro photo filters that you can apply to an image, so you can take a photo, edit, and then export it directly to Instagram.

Times are changing in photography, now everyone is a photographer with Instagram. There is a statistic that this year alone, more photographs were uploaded to the internet than the last 100 years combined!.. The saying nowadays, that everybody is a photographer!

No, I'm not saying that I'm changing my gun, I love my DSLR, its just that, its nice to have this program downloaded to my Android phone as there's a time when shooting with DSLR  pretty much impossible! But with Instagram, I can still have great photos even with 3mp camera phone.

I'm Instagram freak and now I'm getting a little out of hand :p

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