How to get a hazy vintage effect


Some friends asked me, what software I've used to get hazy vintage effect like this photo

Well, to be honest, i don't buy any of Photoshop product to edit all of my photos. Its all been done using a free software from Google. Picasa is a free program from Google that you can use to organize and edit your digital photographs. First You can obtain the latest version for free from It will recognize whether your operating system is Windows, Mac or Linux when you arrive.

When you first open Picasa, you can choose to scan your entire hard drive, or just My Pictures, My Documents, and Desktop. It will then display your pictures it its Library view. You will find pictures you forgot you had because Picasa makes it so easy to view them. If you have pictures in folders other than My Pictures, My Documents, and Desktop you can add new folders manually by clicking on Tools / Folder Manager. The program will show photos in their respective folders.

By having this software, you can do cropping, straighten, remove red eye, shading, contrast, or enhance the colors. That i guess the basic features of what a photo software should have.

For the advance effects, Picasa can do Infra Red, Lomo, Holga, HDR, Orton, 1960's (vintage), Invert Colors, Heat Map, Cross Process, Posterize, and Duo Tone.

The effect i've used for the above photo was duo tone. This effects lets you colorize images with two colors. I used, 2 different colors, white and grey and then just adjust the brightness, contrast and fade level to get my desire hazy effect.

Like this photo, i used the combination of white and pink.

If you want haziness in you photo, you got to use white as one of  the color, and blend it with other color of your choice which i think, soft pink, soft yellow, soft brown and grey is perfect to create hazy effect.

ehhh ada photo DH pulak ;p

A little bit extreme here, the combination of blue and white. This was my "kantoi" overexposed white skies shot taken last year .

Happy trying k and share with me your hazy vintage effect photos.

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  1. Pandainya edit.. M ni ada picasa Tp malas mengedit..kurang berseni..

  2. mashaAllah, cantiknyer all yr pica daling, rasa nk jumpa minta u photog me..hehe


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