Where happiness comes from


We always ask this question. Often we don't even realize that happiness comes in many ways.  Some of happiness comes from within, even when things don't appear to be going perfectly well outwardly, it is still possible to experience sincere happiness. It is our inner feeling that creates happiness, along with how we interpret the events of life.

As for now, this is my happiness. i would say a plate of happiness. Char Kuey Teow cooked by my mom, filled with  love.

Its not only about the food that bring happiness, but its the bond that we built with people we love.

Char kuey teow

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  1. Masakan ibu mmg yg terbaik.

    Anyway Eny, I dah email quotation. Cek yg mailbox ye.

  2. wak pon nak hepi hepi jugakk.. ahakkS

  3. daling..lokks so sedappp..nk cikit..:)

  4. Humang aiii sodapnyeee... huhuuu... *jeles jeles*
    My latest Entry :)
    Berhati-hati membeli secara online

  5. tengok pon dah rasa kaseh sayang nya...

  6. sedapnya keow teow...yum..yum...
    kena mintak sikit nie....


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