Healthy Chicken Rice for Breakfast!


Chicken Rice is my favorite especially the Chinese version like Hainanese chiken rice. I Love flavorful and moist poached chicken. It is very tasty but also happen to be very high in calories and fats content even for the small portion size.

The nutrition info of a plate of Hainanese chicken rice
Portion: 320 g
Energy: 666 calories
Protein: 30 g
Carbs: 55 g
Fat: 44 g

If you are on a diet program, 666 calories per meal is very high. We should cut the calories in half. How?

Be realistic, it is not easy to find restaurants that serve healthy food. With the everyday mass production of food, most restaurants owner dont even care about the nutrition. The only thing we can do is to cook at home.

So this is my healthy version of chicken rice.
First, skinless chicken seasoned with pepper, salt, ginger and garlic. Boil chicken in water until almost done. Strain. Save  the chicken broth
Use the chicken broth as soup. You may add chinese cabbage (sawi) in it, more veggies will fill your stomach ;D
Blend together red chilies, garlic and ginger, add little bit soy sauce, white vinegar (optional) and few drops sesame oil. Drizzle it on chicken. 
I eat with normal plain rice. 
To be honest, not as good as the real chicken rice.. the most important thing is you dont feel guilty after eating this hahaha..

Don't you love having chicken rice for breakfast as much as I do?  Or I'm the only one who does this hewhew..

To view full recipe of chicken rice, HERE

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  1. Eny, cosway punye pes untuk Hainanese Chicken Rice tu sedap giler wo. Masuk 2 sudu besar je dalam nasik pastu perghhh!!! Cer terai!
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