Xperia Arc Review


Camera phone is the only camera that most of us carry around with us most of the time. Sometimes when  I feel lazy to carry my big bulky SONY, I always end up miss the best moment to capture. The problem with always carrying a DSLR is that its too fragile, bulky and inviting to thieves. I usually carry it when i'm not travelling alone.

This is the phone that camera buddy would love!
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is a great device with superb camera and web experience.If u want android phone with fantastic camera this is your device.

The 8.1MP Exmor R camera sensor, which creates bright and vivid images

The camera app has a broad selection of options. The 8.1MP setting is only available if you select 4:3 aspect ratio shots, with the camera dropping the megapixel count to 6MP if you'd rather capture images in 16:9 format.

Image Quality

It can capture reasonably good bokeh. I did experimented with it using macro function and touch focus to create bokeh . Wondering what Bokeh is, it is a term used for the out of focus/blurry area of a photo...

Using touch focus to creat bokeh. Choose your subject and touch.

And this is bokeh from my Sony A290 18-55mm

Side by side comparison. For me,  as a camera phone, this is excellent!

The built in flash is good. Low light images are pretty good.

Even without the flash, indoor photos emerge well.

Some of the photos taken with Sony Xperia Arc



Overall I really love this phone.. Good job Sony!

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  1. Fuhhhh cunlah gambaq taken with the phone. Siap ada touch focus to create bokeh tu canggih tuh!

  2. i'm really jealous! photo2 tu semua awesome!
    sony memang always lebih dari segi camera..

    tq for the review :-)

  3. camera hp sony ericson memg meletops !

  4. Terbaek ahh Sony! Kite mmg dr dulu adore sony punye gambar quality (henpon). Rasa nak beli untuk anak kalau UPSR result dia okeh hehe.. BTW how much ek? Range RM1000 below eh?
    My latest Entry :)
    Baiti Jannati: Sebelum & Selepas

  5. harus rekemen to en.suami ni..anytime boleh fotoshoot anak isteri ;)

  6. serius cantik ! memang dah berkira2 nak angkat jugak tapi budget lom cukup hoh. bleh tanya tak bape rege eh


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