Bears that I love!


Bear shaped brownies ;))
Bake a batch of brownies as you normally would and using a bear shaped cookie cutter, cut out the brownies. Too cute to eat heehee

This is Mr Brownie, my snuggle partner.  I just grab Mr Brownie and I cuddle it and force myself to sleep. I like to smell at the top of the head, the scents just never go away hahahaha so kiddish but it helps me sleep thru those tough night especially the nights when DH away and I miss him so much. It  gives the sweet feeling that everything is going to okay the next day when you awake.. 

This is my Mr Gummi Bear, and his konco konco ;p


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  1. cik abg tu macam kena paksa jer amik gambar with the bear kan? hehehe...

  2. How big is Mr. Brownie? Nampak besaq tuuu, I like.

    I was given a teddy bigger than myself (& that's humongous, dik) but had to give it up after tak tahan dengaq my mum berletiaq. I miss it :(

  3. heheh.... gambar menarik...abg nie posing pn ok ape..dihiasi bear2 tu...


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