Hello and Asallamualaikum..

I am so happy today. ;)

The picture above and below taken with my new Sony Xperia Arc. I just got it 2 days ago and I am absolutely in love with this phone. It's jam packed full of great features for taking photos. It can produce bokeh too :D Macam tak percaya kan mobile phone boleh produce bokeh ;) See how vivid the color it is.

I loveee my mom's kueh lompang. Actually I like pandan kueh lompang. But favour this gula melaka mom's version as it wasnt too strong like the one i used to buy.

I'll write a review about my Sony Xperia Arc! :) Camera lovers sure love it. 

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  1. sy pun suka dgn bran sony..even kamera sy sony biasa pun pic sgt cantik

  2. dah lama tak makan kuih lompang..sedapnya makan dengan kelapa

  3. Cantekkk! Tak sabaq nak baca review Sony Xperia Arc tu.

    I love kuih lompang too! Tapi selalu beli saja pasai tak pandai buat, kehkeh.

    & Lipton :)

  4. Memang cantik!!. Ah tangan you mmg berseni!

  5. saya semalam pergi sony tengok2 fon, memang terpaut dengan arc tu. tapi kene tunggu bonus. huhu

  6. i've heard a lot pasal sony experia arc ni...they did an awesome job! love it! harus I bertukar dari 'samseng' kah...?huhuhu....


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