They dont "smile"


Assalamualaikum & Good Morning....

Been a hectic week for me. Now back to blogging with drooling food photos ;D.

Not that I haven’t been cooking, I just haven’t cooked anything decent enough to blog about. Yesterday  I was up for the challenge to cook kueh Apam Beras. My Apam really soft and fluffy enough. The only problem was that they dont crack a wide "smile" at the top of the Apam. Some may refer to it as petals or split. hahahaa... For me, being the dummy beginner, it was a pretty successful experiment ;). They taste close to the real delicious Apam Beras I used to eat. Best of all DH really like it so i guess i've made it ;)



Here the recipe :

3 cups rice flour
1 cup wheat flour
2 cups sugar
1 packet mauripan yeast
2 cup cooked rice
3 cups water

Method :
Blend rice with water until it becomes smooth
Add in the sugar and blend some more
In another bowl, mix the flours and the yeast
Then pour in the wet ingredients and mix until everything is dissolved
Leave to ferment for a few hours (minimum of 2 hours)
Pour into moulds and steam for 15 minutes
Serve with steamed shredded coconut mixed with a pinch of salt


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  1. ok la tu kak... biar dia tak sudi senyum pun, yang peting sedap, masuk perut boleh cakap Alhamdulillah...

    heee :)

  2. Salam enyyyyy
    Sedapppp...Akak pernah try dah resepi ni...mmg Akak suka. Before Akak bukan lah penggemar apam...Tp this apam buat Akak suka.
    Apam enny cantiksangat...colour yg menawan

  3. Apam ni walaupun tatak sinyium tapi nampak cantik jugakkk! Mintak sini barang 2-3 bijik aih :D

  4. wow.cedappp!

    the colors and apam sgt-sgt menggoda.haha.


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