Distant Light - SAVE GAZA


Dedicated to the women and children of Gaza, who have been denied human rights, freedom and justice..

Distant light
by Walid Khazindar, a poet born in Gaza City

Harsh and cold
autumn holds to it our naked trees:
If only you would free, at least, the sparrows
from the tips of your fingers
and release a smile, a small smile
from the imprisoned cry I see.
Sing! Can we sing
as if we were light, hand in hand
sheltered in shade, under a strong sun?
Will you remain, this way
stoking the fire, more beautiful than necessary, and quiet?
Darkness intensifies
and the distant light is our only consolation —
that one, which from the beginning
has, little by little, been flickering
and is now about to go out.
Come to me. Closer and closer.
I don't want to know my hand from yours.
And let's beware of sleep, lest the snow smother us.

Guys, We dont have the weapon, and power to stop it, but we have Allah, and the powerful of Doa (pray), Yaseen, and sembahyang hajat... that is more than enough.... 

And for those who want to donate to help people in Gaza, There you go plenty of trustworthy organizations...

1.Viva Palestina Malaysia

2.Aqsa Syarif

3. Islamic Relief Malaysia

4. Global Peace Mission Malaysia.

p/s : If we strip away all the accouterments of war, perhaps we'll discover what the heart is for...

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  1. Hanya dapat membantu dengan doa berterusan untuk mereka di sana. Semoga Allah SWT melindungi mereka semua.

  2. Memang menyedihkan... bila tengok gambar kanak2 yg tak berdosa berlumuran darah, tersayat2 rasa jantung ni. Moga Allah menurunkan keajaiban-Nya.


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