Garden got lift up


I guess i have to stop putting too many food photos, sorry to make you drool over my  food photos  and make you want to lick your computer screen hehehehehe :p

This is my dream backyard garden. Someday when I move to Ipoh, we are going to find a house with huge back yard so we can enjoy having breakfast or dinner outside and of course BBQ once in a while. Photo courtesy google image search.

As for now, lets deal with this first... my house in Jitra, Kedah, I bought this house for mom & dad few years back using my own salaries with my first job after graduated. Its a gift for them, although I know I can never repay what they have done for me for the rest of my life. The garden was set up by my late dad, he was the one who planted the japanese carpet grass. I thought it would be nice to do some changes and lift up the garden environment. 

I have 2 wooden pallets. I brought it back from my construction site 4 months ago. Was thinking that the pallet is perfect for my wedding dais (pelamin) but itu lah, due to my tight schedule before the wedding, so this pallet tak jadi pelamin, tersadai in my garden for such a long time and has become an eyesore.

At first I think, maybe i could turn it to be a garden table, I already asked DH to build me the table, but he is so busy with his own work. Here in kedah its so hard to find a good garden table, most of the tables i found either its a cement type (which I really dont like the design and color!!!!) or the wood type, the material isnt  good enough to stand the weather outside. I dont want to spend a bulks on buying something expensive kalau nak letak luar pun tak tahan panas  hujan? 

And at the same time i cant bear to see those pallets any longer, nak buang, I dont now where to throw, since the place set for rubbish dump here was closed and was replaced with rubbish truck collection service. Takkan lah I nak suruh the worker sumbat the pallets into the truck.. :D

So finally  after Google around I found the solution. This is just perfect!

So yesterday my brother and i went to hardware store to buy tools that we need and start to create vertical pallet garden. 

I like the idea of english garden, so we painted it white...

Rest and having lunch...

and rest again..

To be continued.. hehehe i'll share the update about my D.I.Y vertical pallet garden. Enjoy your weekend peeps.


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  1. Bukan saja lick computer screen, keyboard & mouse pun, okeh! Hehe.

    Great idea! Lepas ni jangan lupa boh gambaq yg dah siap tu naa, nak tengok :)

  2. ENY - Cantik klu kita dpt buat konsep english style ni. I suke!! Tapi masalahnya skrg ni kitorang dah TERtanam 2 pokok kelapa kat tgh2 laman.. dah lari konsep plak kan?. :D

    Upload pix tau nt kalau dah siap projek you tu.

  3. tak sabo nak tengok hasilnya!


    ada jugakkkk terselit pic makanan....hahaha!


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