You know you are so addicted to Instagram when you don’t carry big camera out  anymore because you can just Instagram it on phone camera and share.. can’t even bother to switch out the lens on your SLR…
I would say... An Instagram capture is worth a thousand words... 

Nasi lemak sambal sotong extra pedas to warm up your morning...

Friday night, while DH watching football Malaysia vs Singapore, I cook this scrumptious seafood pasta..

Saturday, we went makan makan, the first thing to try is Tutti Fruitti, newly launched in Jitra...

And looks who already addicted to Tutti Frutti.. :D

Went for bowling while waiting midnite movie Snow White and the Huntsman to start...

yaaa DH like a pro!

You see!

Next morning, warm up our day with hot rice porridge...

Petang pula, cuaca panas, so this is perfect for chilling! Ice blended Oreo with Bubbles..
Thats all peeps and my weekend is over now.. DH is going back Ipoh this evening and i start work tomorrow, there goes our normal routine :(


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  1. All yummy stuffs!

    Somehow I still can't bear to part with encek Kenon :)

  2. pic2 tu sume buat cik anis terliur lah.. ^^ jom jenguk cik anis pulak :D

  3. mmm....mmm....instagram wonder why sooooo many ppl are addicted to it now... mmmmm~


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