Making the rose


.. was damn easy! heheheh

Looks how my rose swirl turned out,

maybe I should start with, 'its Friday and my sweet tooth kick in!' :p But i was too busy to edit the photos yesterday, so to blog this as Friday sweet tooth is not relevant any more heheh..

I was mesmerized by the beauty of this rose swirl frosting on cake and cupcakes on some baking sites I have been doing little research on how to get the rose shape, what piping nozzle should i buy, and what type of icing that can stand the shape, so i finally made it...

The cupcakes recipe was originally a basic vanilla cupcakes, but since i happened to have plenty of strawberry cake flavour leftover, so instead of vanilla essence, i grab the strawberry flavour, hence its name, strawberry cupcakes. I guess i put too much food colouring,  pale pink looks better for a cake :p

The frosting is mix of cream cheese ( Tatura), butter and and powdered sugar and a lil bit vanila and lemon juice (1 tablespoon).  They're spoon-licking good!!  Everyone like the cream cheese frosting, they lick the frosting off first, and then top up the frosting, then lick again, then some more frosting.. hey! when are your going to eat the cake! :p

I just have to keep at it and hopefully i  will eventually get the perfect rose swirl!

Happy weekend peeps! :)

Eny Yusnizar

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  1. Happy weekend to u too Eny!. Cutenya cupcake u ni!!

    I skrg ni tgh berangan nak buat Snow Cheese, tak sabar nk tunggu hari esok, nk gi beli ingredient dia... jom Eny kita buat.

  2. Inipun dah nampak perfect dah rose swirl tuh! Sikit lagi nak jilat skrin, sikiiiiit lagi ja nih.

  3. Nampak menarik dan sedap la... Salam perkenalan..

  4. wahhhh terus terliur mak dara nengoknyer... hantorkan sikit untuk mak bolehhh hehehehe


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