Having these two cuties...


Having these two cuties is fun. But they require an enormous amount of care! Because they are still babies (about a month old) when we took them home. Two kittens is equal to a baby. From bottle feeding, introduction to solid foods to litter box training.... all the trouble is compensated by extreme pleasure looking them grow so fast sampai besar montel panjang.

 The decision to adopt a kitten is exciting. But their previous owner offered us two kittens, which kesian pulak nak pisah kan mereka. At first bila bawa balik rumah, mak lah paling bising, with two kittens yang dia nak kena jaga while me at work. Erk takkan la nak hantar ke nursery pulak kan.. :D

But now both are so close with "mak tok" diorang.. he he he

I just love these two so much and we are having so much fun.. they're just so much darn fun to watch!

Hope tak ada la yang curi budak bulus 2 ekor ni, cubaan cubaan yang ada telah berjaya dipatahkan setakat ini :).

  image (24)

 image (27)

image (26)

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