Looks can be deceiving


The other day I decided I was going to start eating healthy. 

This is the healthy way of making char kway teow by using only 1 tablespoon olive oil, less salt and soy sauce, and definitely no MSG. I added lots of veggies - a sign of healthy food! <<insert two hands clapping icon here>>

Looks amazing right? But looks can be deceiving. Nah! It does not taste that great hahahah. Some kind of weird taste..... maybe just maybe the olive oil is only good for pasta, not for rice noodles!! hahahaha a good excuse!


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  1. Looks can be deceiving eh? Well the looks of that plate of char koay teow definitely deceived me, nampak sodap yo.
    Akak belum betul2 tabah nak completely eat healthy, kehkeh..

  2. kalau ada cili padi potong, lagu umpphh !


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