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Now when I have Xperia Arc which performs a very good job in taking photo, I can only say, its hard for me to grab my Sony A290 ever since. I can't remember the last time I hold the camera...

Finally today, I grab it from the dry cabinet, spend a minute, giving it quick cleaning, check the battery, ok still left 2 bars is good enough for today... While on a walk right outside my office, I came upon to this common wild flowers...

I know.. I owe an apology to Mr. A290


Dear Mr. A290,

Baby, I'm so sorry for neglecting you and not giving you the full attention you deserve.. Sorry coz I dumped you in the drybox at the bedroom corner... Its human thing you know when they making new friends, they tend to forget the old ones.. I know, because I am human.. but baby, I'm not forgetting you, it just that things go crazy lately and its human thing too.. they always get crazy ;p

Baby, what a great photos you gave me this morning, And I know that I have been forgiven.. thanks baby!

Promise.. together we rock this world.. you and me against the world!

P/s : Never forget the ones who stood by your side, even it is you camera!!!!!

Enjoy the photos...




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  1. Alaaa encik sony tu tak majuknyee hahaha... cantiklah hasil arc ni. Geram plak nengoknye hins hins... (tahan kembang hidung)
    My latest Entry :)
    Resepi: Egg Moist Eggless Chocolate Cake

  2. You talk to objects eh.

    ME TOOOOOOO! Kita sama dik. I LIKE.

    & the photos are gorgeous! Rapat2an :)


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