An old picture...



Rare picture of dad, I found it inside an old hard disk. The photo  taken somewhere in year 2010. He just don't like being photographed! That's my dad. When he saw me holding my camera, he quickly cover his face or turn away ...  But this photo somehow is so special. He is thinking of something, while enjoying his picnic lunch, and he didnt know that I'm taking this photo..

After losing him, I love taking photos, kind of remind myself that nothing in this world last forever. Through photos, it reflect back those moments and people that were special enough to be frozen in time forever...

Most of all, I never forget his face, his voice and the way he smile and laugh..  The pictures of him will be forever  inside my 'heart-disk'.

Thanks ayah for everything, love & miss you..


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  1. Al-Fatihah for your late dad, dik Eny.

    I miss my father too.

  2. alfatihah...

    ayah saya suka bergambar tapi.. :)

    even sekarang ni pun anytime je dia boleh pose kalau saya nak amik gambo. :D


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