Life hanging in the balance..


Life’s not fair sometimes, overwhelming, frustrating, and just down right messed up. But life isn't easy and its not fair, it never has been and it probably never will be. So instead of complaining, I learned that fairness and equality aren’t always something I can rely on..  

On hazy days, sunrise can be mistaken for sunset or looks like moon... Shrouded by haze, the amazing perfect circle that rises from mountain.. this is view from my house this morning. The haze is so thick and it was the first time I could gaze at the sun through my lens without squinting.

Going back to work after a long holiday vacation is typically something that you dread.... :p

Wish you all a relaxing weekend on friday saturday and sunday! :)


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  1. I wasn't on a holiday but a long medical leave can also make one dread going back to work, huwaaaahhh!

    First day of work today after the surgery, huhu..

  2. Komen kat sini.

    Tahniah eny atas perkahwinanmu. Semoga bahagia setiap hari dan kekal jodoh sampai syurga.

    Pic cantik,& u truly look gorgeous dik:)


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