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If you are travelling to Taiping, it is worth trying out this delicious noodles the Famous Flooded Prawn Noodle in Kuala Sepetang.  . It costs us RM10.00 per bowl. The portion is satisfactory.  I couldn't remember the name of the restaurant but it start with... "Mak...... Mee Udang Banjir" :D

What I cooked for my DH last weekend,  Ikan bercili. taste yummy (DH said :p) but a little greasy and way too salty to his liking... bila I rasa.. aah la masinn! Failed! :p

Anyway... DH like mee udang, Does anyone knows how to cook mee udang? Please share :)

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  1. Eny nak Resepi Mee Udang? Ada.... tp tak tau la sedap ke tidak, tak pernah cuba lg.. ni permalink dia..

  2. yesss MM I dah tengok tadi resepi tu.Bahan2 dia mudah dpt dan tak comlicated.. nanti mesti try :D TQ so muchh!!


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