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I have no dedicated macro lens. Couldn't afford to buy one :D

Last year, I bought an extension tube. With the sale was included a "Macro Extension Tube" cost only RM80. I don't know too much about the product,  I'd thought if I connect it to my lens, I can get a good macro shot.

The tubes have a top part, a bottom part, and then three sections. Looking through the viewfinder the screen is very dark. The viewfinder indicates as if there isn't a lens attached ("f/0").

 Later I found out that the extension tube tak ada eletronic connector. Without those you lose aperture control. So tak boleh adjust the aperture value.. Kecewa, dan extension tube tu jadi mainan adik adik I.

Lupa sekejap ada tube tu, lepas setahun, teringat nak cari balik sebab dah setahun kumpul duit pun tak boleh beli juga lens macro tu kahkahkahkah!

I took the trouble cari kat internet, jumpa kat Youtube video cara nak adjust bukaan aperture tu dengan letak cebisan kertas yang digulung pada lens. Macam ni.. focus pada kertas kuning tu...

Kertas kuning tu akan block "lidah" aperture tu dari tertutup. Dont worry sebab tak effect apa apa kepada lens kita.

Attach balik lens dan extension tube dan cuba shoot. Memang lens kena letak betul betul dekat dengan object baru boleh dapat image yang clear. Macam ni...

Beza kalau guna close up dengan macro lens adalah bila kita close up kadang kala kita dapat image yang blur bila crop. Kalau kita dekatkan lens kepada object,  perlu ada jarak minimum untuk lens fokus.  Berbeza kalau macro lens,lens boleh didekatkan dengan object, dan image yang terhasil nampak besar dari object, sebab tu dipanggil macro. jadi untuk gambar syiling tu saya tak crop pun. Itu lah gambar asalnya.. Impressive kan..?

Anyway, this weekend I tried using the extension tubes with all my lenses, and I must say I was very impressed. DSC02986



It's not the most interesting or closest macro you'll see, but it's sharp and the details are pretty good for an 18-55 kit lens.
Only downside is that it only works with manual (with the cheap tubes I got) and I had to use the flash...

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