Puffer Fish


Our "deadliest catch" during the Fishing trip at Marina Island. It was a baby Puffer fish, so cute that I quickly run to chalet room, to get my camera and this poor baby fish gasping for oxygen for few minutes.  We then quickly release this buddy back to the sea. DH said,  the  puffer fish has a strong nerve poison called tetradotoxin.  The poison is found in their skin, intestines, and liver and there are no special treatments or antidotes for tetradotoxin poisoning!!

Only then we realized, It was a puffer fish curse when we keep getting "junk fish" later on. haihhh bad luck!


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  1. Tercungap2 sakan la ikan tu sementara dik Eny nak tembak gambaq dia, kehkehkeh!

  2. uiiiiii cutenya engkau, sapa nama, .. rumah kat ner... boleh berkenalan..


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