Chasing the sunset


One of the most colorful times of the day is when the sun is going down to rest behind the horizon. I always love watching sunset and when you own a DSLR sunset is the best thing you always chasing for..

Let just photos fo the talking :) 
(all images taken with Sony Alpha A290 Kit lens)

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  1. OMG, this is truly beautiful..almost speechless. Almost, sebab masih boleh berkata2 lagi nih, hehe..

    You've got that gift dik. For now, I can only dream to reach this level..

  2. Hi kak dinas thanks ye sudi komen... you also can get this beautiful sunset shot... u just need the right setting and place.. for the setting, I learn from internet je hehehe :))

  3. salam

    nice collection

    sikit ilmu tak seberapa dari bapak, garisan horizontal laut tu boleh adjust kasi lurus sikit , kalau tak seakan2 air laut tu tertumpah

    teruskan menembak

  4. Wsalam.. terima kasih atas nasihat dan tunjuk ajar ... akan saya perbaiki lagi :D


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