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Few years back... Photos taken using my Canon A470 Powershot.

It has been with me for 5 years. A470 is a powerful compact camera I can afford to buy at that time. And after 5 years, the camera still going strong until one day i found a problem of dark vertical lines that appear throughout the picture, especially in low light and hi contrast situations but video record still in good condition. Its time to change to something new..  for something good.
I have been asked by a couple of friends of mine about my decision to buy a Sony Alpha A290 DSLR over a Canon or a Nikon.

Here are the reasons why :

1. Its cheap compare than Canon and Nikkon - I dont have real experience with DSLR shoot and I dont wanna spend a ton on something I dont know how to use.

2. I have always admired the quality of products that Sony makes.

3. I knew Sony are in this business for long haul. When Sony decided to buy the camera division of Konica Minolta and decided to launch the first camera some of the unique features of Minolta, I knew Sony is in the DSLR business for the long term.

4. Sony makes some of the best sensors.

5. Steadyshot Inside. Sony has Image Stabilization technology embedded in the camera body. So you can get image stabilization on any lens. On other cameras you have pay extra to get image stabilized lenses (VR for Nikon and IS for Canon). Optical image stabilisation though, which did improve handheld shots, even at full zoom. And of course the A290 also includes a handy built-in flash.

6. Compatibility with Minolta A-Mount lenses. Since Sony decided to continue using the A-Mount from Minolta for their Alpha DSLR range, all the old A-Mount AF lenses made for Minolta works for Sony.

7. Helpful guides for beginners like me are displayed on-screen as you cycle through the various available scene modes to assist novice users, as well as clearly indicating settings during shooting, allowing inexperienced photographers to capture pleasing shots in a variety of different conditions whilst understanding the ways in which different settings affect results.

8. In good shooting conditions, photographs look sharp and colours are bright and vivid, even using default settings.

And some of my recent shots using Sony Alpha A 290 kit lense 18-55mm.

Bought new gadgets for my Alpha, Extend Tube and Close Up Filter, cheat cheap way to add  macro ability for my kit lens.. and the results is truly stunning!

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  1. I love your photos la dik!

    Of course the gadget matters but what matters more is the person behind it, betoi tak :)

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