Auto or Manual, doesn’t matter.


I volunteer myself to be photographer for my project show house. I just use “flash off” setting, but the photos still turn out great. Auto Flash Off is similar to the Auto mode but does not use the flash, even if the ambient light makes it necessary. I know I know I can get dramatic result if I use Manual mode , but consider this my first time shooting interior  and I rush to do some other works after that, so using “short cut” mode is the best..

I always believe in the philosophy that if you can get the results you want on auto mode, who cares if you shoot auto or manual? For the moment, just enjoy photography and making photos. Don’t let the camera intimidate you!

So let’s just photos do the talking… 

 I love the modern and minimalist concept..

And last but not least.. my fav so far ;) selfie with my baby.. (which I couldn't  tahan myself  when there's such a big mirror at the dining) :p

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  1. "Don't let the camera intimidate you!"

    I like that!

  2. hari hari junjung kamera boleh membesarkan bicep tuuu.. eeeee wak dah datang nih nak komen komennnn...


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